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Article from our church newsletter “The Anchor”. Poem written by Gail Fritz

A Wee Small Cry
In heaven’s deepest splendor, amid glory and radiant light
Was the King of Kings reposing on His throne of goodness and might,
When somewhere in the distance He heard a wee small cry
And the gates of heaven opened as a tiny soul sped by.

He rushed up to the Father with tears and anguished heart
Crying “Abba, Abba, hold me, for they tore me all apart.”
God recognized the tiny babe, He had just let him go
To live among his ones on earth, a seedling meant to grow.

“Why have you returned to me, that’s not within my will?
I had great things for you to do, a potential for you to fill.”
As he nestled the small one, waiting for his reply,
The screaming of more babies was filling up the sky.

All rushing to the Father, all clinging to His breast,
As each one told his story, it was the same as all the rest.
“We were planted in the wombs you chose, and growing there quite well
When suddenly without a word there came the violence of hell.

They slashed at us with cold sharp things, they clawed us from our home.
They covered us with bitter salt that turned us into stone.”
God called their guardian angels and asked if this was true.
They sadly shook their heads and said, “There was nothing we could do.”

He cradled each babe closely and whispered in their ear
That they were safe at home with Him and there was nothing more to fear.
Their cries turned into whimpers and whimpers into sleep;
Then God the mighty healer cast their memories into the deep.

He stared out in the distance like to a far, faraway place,
Then He looked to His messenger Michael with a sadness in His face.
Then suddenly arose a great thunder as earthquakes started their course
And the voice of God Almighty said, “Michael, saddle the horses.”

Pastor Romy