About Wagram Church

We believe the church is a spiritual organism made up of persons inspired, gifted, empowered and called to a personal relationship with God through his son, Jesus Christ. We are a church who believes in the priesthood of all believers. As the church, God’s vehicle on earth we are called to bring about God’s justice and mercy for all people. We are a growing church who believes God has placed us together as a family. We are a church where everyone is welcome.

Our Mission

Feed the soul as we Create, Nurture and offer opportunities for Growth in Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith

We believe in one God, who exists in three distinct persons: The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each person of the Trinity is equally the one God in being, essence, character, power and eternal qualities.

We believe Jesus is the Christ, God’s son who came to earth in the flesh to restore and reconnect fallen humanity with God, the Creator of the universe. We believe that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary; lived a sinless and perfect life. We believe Jesus embodies the truth about God and that he willingly died that human kind could be saved.

We believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus from the dead. We believe in his ascent into heaven, where he rules and is in absolute authority. Jesus is going to return to earth in the future to establish God’s perfect peace and justice for all human kind.

We believe in the divine personhood of the Holy Spirit who is an equal partner of the trinity. The Holy Spirit, given as a gift from God, resides within each follower to advocate for and intercede, and empower a life that reflects the personhood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit reflects and challenges us to live the character, lifestyle and character of Jesus. We believe the Holy Spirit transforms and actively works within the Christian community and world in order to bring God’s plan of redemption for all people and all creation.